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Mudiwa has worked in the educational field and specialized in Career Technology Education for over 15 years. Mudiwa provides consulting services in Teacher Development, Curriculum Development, and Program Development. Most of her work has been in the content area of business, finance, technology, and college/career research & development. She has collaborated with hundreds of professionals to develop a community of learning that assists students in developing skills to be prepared for the real world. Her extensive network of community partners provides opportunities for students to participate in job shadowing experiences, internships, apprenticeships, jobs and college visits. As an educational consultant Mudiwa works with her clients to ensure measurable outcomes and lasting impact to the organization that breaks down educational inequities and produces academic results.


Mudiwa is an active educational leader who serves as a member of multiple boards and committees within Baltimore. She is a member of: 

  • The Collective Affinity Group that supports educational equity

  • CTE Leadership Fellowship cohort dedicated to improving career technology education in Baltimore. 

  • Board of Directors for the non-profit Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center (LTYC) that serves the youth in Maryland and DC with school based arts programs. 


Key Strategies

  • Engage partners to collaborate on ways that allow expertise to be shared.

  • Evaluate the current state of organization through research.

  • Develop a plan of action that includes partners to serve as advisors, service providers, mentors, strategists or collaborators in projects.

  • Create goals that incorporate the organization's vision and mission to guide them in a clear direction.

  • Collaborate with a local and state all stakeholders by engaging the district, employees, school leaders, teachers, students and parents in the partnership where applicable.

  • Outline timeline with actionable steps that hold both school and business leaders accountable for their roles in the partnership.

  • Assess progress to communicate and provide feedback, as well as celebrate short wins. 

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