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So its been quite some time since I have blogged, with life challenges and a little procrastination I haven't been able to jot down my thoughts and life experiences in the last few weeks. However, this week I have ALOT to talk about :)

Let me start with the live videos that I have started posting and doing on social media. Now this has been a challenge for me for multiple reasons. One being I just am not used to doing video that are so impersonal and I am not diligent at being on social media. I don't get to have a real dialogue with the people viewing and it becomes me talking at the viewers versus having a conversation. But the one thing that was great was when I decided to kick off the live videos I had a guest, Trinity! She is one of my mentees and a young ladies that has read my book. It was so fun being able to share that moment with her and jump into something new with someone who I not only mentor but has benefited from my life and teachings. 

This leads me into my most recent topics, Transitions! I have been experiencing a lot of first! My growth and maturity in the most recent months have been welcoming while others I've tried to run from. The best thing about them all is the fact that I have learned something new in each one of them and never gave up. I am constantly changing and the direction I am headed in is one that I am excited about. 

When I started the journey to writing my book I knew it wouldn't be easy but I felt like it was something worth working towards, I knew others could benefit from my teachings and I had to find a way to get the information out to a larger group of people. So when I sat down and spoke with Trinity, she shared that the book increased her Faith in God! WOOOOWW! I never thought that would be the first thing that would come out of a 17 year old's mouth but it made things make sense for me in that very moment. That although the process came with A LOT of ups and downs the fruit was in the young people's lives it would change. 

My book is full of moments of transition and change, from expecting my first child, to being heart broken, to caring out my purpose. Each change came with a stretch and a period of discomfort. So today I encourage you to be positive during your transition. Pray for peace and guidance, communicate by asking for help from those who have come before you, use your resources wisely to make the changes needed for the next level, make a plan but be flexible because things may change along the way, and commit to the change. Below are links to my most recent videos on YouTube, make sure to check them out and add your comments. I'll be live again today at 7 pm so go visit me on Instagram @mudiwanoel and Facebook Mudiwa Johnson, or you can catch the live video on my YouTube channel uploaded later this week. 

Until Next Time!

Signed The Material Girl

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