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Everyday we are bombarded with other peoples ideas, beliefs, rituals, lies, and plan ole foolishness. Most of us go to work to complete are day to day task, check social media for leisure or entertainment, interact with a few of our co workers, go home, get the affairs of our homes in order, we may have a little time for ourselves to watch TV, and of course eat. This routine happens over and over again, but while you are going through this same mundane schedule you are also faced with so many outside factors that effect what you do or say. Some of these factors can be productive but most (I feel) are distractions. They're not all, what some consider, bad distraction but things that slightly detour you from focusing on your goals. This is what I call "The Noise"!

I find myself, quite often, isolating myself from certain people and social groups to prevent their influences distracting me from pursuing my goals. At first, I would disconnect from everything and everyone to regroup and closely incorporate people or activities back in my life. This method, however was very unproductive and at times made me feel alone and depressed. So overtime I started to discover that I didn't have to isolate myself from the world to get rid of the noise. I had to make myself aware of the things that affected me negatively and the things I needed to push me to go after my dreams.

I found that for me, social media was a trap! It was entertaining but also depressing. I would see people on "The Gram" flossing things they had and relationships they had build or careers I wanted and I felt like I was stagnant. It made me feel like I had to so more and have more to feel accomplished among my peers. Even though I went through these emotions. I never posted things to seem like I was somewhere I wasn't or had things that I didn't. No matter how I felt I remained humble and true to myself. So instead of beating myself up about what I hadn't accomplished, I focused on what I had. I put all that frustration into building my own happily ever after, which may not have been what others deemed important but what made me happy. Even now, as I embark on this entrepreneur lifestyle, it is hard to block the noise. In my mind after my book was released I should have sky rocketed to New York Bestseller. But that hasn't happened, instead I am working on building a platform that were I can change lives. However big or small that maybe I am focused on creating a solid business model and plan for achieving those goals. Which might I add isn't completely developed, but everyday I am thinking and jotting down ideas on how to make it work. 

Be mindful that the noise is not always loud or obvious. It can consist of so many didn't people or things. Most of the times it is within our own insecurities and doubts about not fulfilling our goals or attaining our dreams. The noise can also be the people around you (nay-sayer's), the neighborhood you live in, social media, the entertainment industry, television, sex, envy, and your own family & friends.

Here is what you have to do to prevent the noise from detouring you off you path.

1. Create clearly defined goals to help you remember what you are working to accomplish and celebrate the small wins when a goal is reached. 

2. Stay focused on YOUR STUFF! Only compare yourself to yourself. Have you done better for yourself today since yesterday. Oh, and don't forget to create a schedule that will keep you working on the goals you created in step 1.

3. Stay around people that help motivate you, who are doing what you want to do or go where you want to go, or already where you are going. These people will serve as a reminder that nothing happens overnight and hard work eventually pays off when you keep at it. 

4. Stay educated on the trends in the industry you are into. Make sure you are taking classes or reading books to keep your mind in a position to spot opportunities. There is no such thing as too much education so the more information you have the more you have information to use to get you into doors that would otherwise not be available. 

5. Stay busy by incorporating the last 3 steps and participating in activities that motivate you to keep going day after day after day. 

The noise is something everyone experience no matter how stubborn or bullheaded you might seem. The goal is to be aware and proactive which will help you move closer and closer to your goals. That's it for this week, until next week, I'm signing off!

Mudiwa Noel-The Material Girl

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